Creality - CR-10S Pro

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-Automatic Leveling -  CR-10S Pro features a capacitive sensor, to automatically detect the bed and assist in reading a matrix of points across the bed for bed leveling. Possibility of setting/adjusting Live Z Offset as you print
-Upgraded MOTHERBOARD : increases the stability and reliability of the printer’s performance and reduced noise. 

-Capricorn Teflon tubing - possibly the best option for smoother filament feeding. Due to its high lubricity and high-temperature resistance, it improves the printing quality and accuracy.

-Bondtech Double Gear Extrusion Mechanism: The double gear extrusion mechanism has twice the grip on the filament to ensure reliable and smooth feed to the hot end.

- Heated Bed : The heated bed can reach up to 110°C within 5 minutes

-Mean Well Power Supply - reputable brand that’s known for its reliability and safety.

-Improved Filament sensor: Alert you when the filament has ran out or broken

- Resume Print : which stores the print information and position of the print head in case of power failure or similar

-Integrated Touchscreen: for more intuitive user experience.

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