10 Household Items You Can 3D Print

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In need of some common household items? Look no further. Try 3D printing the items you need.

Why 3D print household items yourself? While going to the nearest store to buy the item might be more convenient, choosing to print means you can customize the item to fit your needs and style. Not to mention, printed items are great conversation pieces.

Here are 10 of our favorite household items that can be printed at the touch of a finger.

1. Vase


Nothing will compliment a beautiful bouquet better than a unique, 3D printed vase. Custom printing a vase allows you to match it to your specific design style. This could also act as a perfect gift for a mom, a new house owner, or an anthophile.


2. Drain Stopper


I’ll spare you the gory details, but a drain stopper is a must in a house. Whether used for the sink or the shower, 3D printing one (or a couple) of these will save you in the long run.


3. Measuring Utensils


If you prefer the hard, cold numbers over a “pinch,” “splash,” or “smidgen” while baking, then this one is for you. 3D print any and all sizes of measuring spoons and cups.


4. K Cup Holder


For all you Keurig coffee lovers out there, a K Cup holder is just what you need! It displays those coffee flavors so beautifully, which makes the morning brewing a breeze. Not to mention, the compact design makes it slim enough for any cabinet or sleek enough to be set out on the counter.


5. Bottle Opener


Do you have poor grip strength and struggle when opening bottles? If yes, this one is for you. 3D printing a bottle opener will not only be useful, but will be a talking piece at you next BBQ. There are many different designs of glass bottles openers, plastic bottle openers, or a combination of the two.


6. Stamp


Yes, the fun snail mail that is birthday cards, penpal letters, and thank you notes may be fading, but at least let it go out in style. Write a letter, seal it with a 3D printed stamp, and send it to a loved one.


7. Tool Holder


The perfect gift for any handy person out there - a tool holder. There are endless designs options to fit the needs of the builder. From a countertop display system for screwdrivers and nails to a rack for holding hammers, you name it and we’ll print it.


8. Salt and Pepper Shakers


Salt and pepper shakers shaped like…. *squirrels*. The best part about these shakers is that the contents pour from their eyes. These items are sure to start the dinner conversation. If the squirrel shakers do not fit your homes aesthetic, you can check out a wide variety of other design options.


9. Water Bottle


Probably the most useful thing on this list - a water bottle. Everyone knows that hydration is key and having a water bottle at hand will aid in accomplishing water intake goals. 3D printing a bottle means that you can choose a size to fit however many ounces you prefer.


10. Musical Instruments


This one might not be a very common household item but gained its way onto the list for its entertaining potential. Amuse your company with a lively rendition of Hot Cross Buns on your very own 3D printed flute. Next thing you know, your friends will have printed instruments as well and your band will be preforming on every stage in America.


That concludes our “favorites” list of household items that you can 3D print. However, don’t let this list of 10 items stop you from exploring the hundreds of items that could be printed. To explore shape fills that can be printed, go to thingiverse.com and look through the bountiful options – and the best thing about it – they are free! Let us know what items you are thinking of printing in the comment section below.

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